Vitamax So Slim


Made in Malaysia, Vitamax So Slim is a coffee that burns fat.

It is made with traditional pure Malaysian herbs.
Vitamax So Slim contains high quality, effective ingredients that help heat the combustion cycle with the adipocytes.
Superfood develops perfect, safe and effective ingredients to promote fat burning, fat soluble, improve constipation, limit appetite (without starving) and increase energy, to help you lose weight easily, no side effects bounce back!

Vitamax So Slim is made from : 5g Sena Leaves, 5g dietary fibre, 1g decaffeinated coffee, 0.01g stevia, 8.99g non-dairy skimmed matter.

Pharmacology: Vitamax So Slim contains theine, an active ingredient of the caffeine family that promotes lipolysis or fat burning. It also contains polyphenol, which allows theine to slow down the assimilation of fats and carbohydrates by the body and thus reduce the amount of calories absorbed.

Vitamax So Slim allows:
– Burn off excess fat;
– Facilitate slimming, as part of a diet;
– To aid digestion;
– Eliminate toxins.

– Attack phase: 1 sachet of 20g of Vitamin So Slim per day in the evening after dinner (30mn before bedtime) for 30 days.
– Method of administration: Dilute 1 sachet of 20 ml of vitamax So Slim in a cup of 120 ml of lukewarm water stirred and enjoy.
Contra-indications / Recommendations: Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Vitamax So Slim is effective in draining abdominal fat. If you want to regain a flat stomach, it is a great ally. This is because it has very powerful laxative properties. In fact, user reviews show that drinking more than two cups a day can cause diarrhea.

Note that these diarrheas are not illnesses per se, but a sign that Vitamax So Slim is working to eliminate waste. But it can be uncomfortable so it is best to follow the normal dosage.

In addition to slimming the belly, Vitamax So Slim burns all body fat in general. It begins by eliminating toxins and waste products before attacking the fatty tissue. Its detox effects considerably accelerate the weight loss process.

This herbal product is very effective for healthy and fast weight loss.

This tea is a depurative product and a natural laxative. This is due to its judicious formulation.